Bio Marine

Bio Marine – The fish welfare expert

For 20 years, Bio Marine has developed innovative systems for optimal cage conditions using their unique mix of technical and biological experience. Specializing in oxygen supply, water circulation, environmental monitoring, and lighting, Bio Marine develops products and systems that ensure optimal conditions and safety for farmed fish. Bio Marine delivers solutions tailored for both open-, semi-closed- and closed aquaculture systems across different species, demonstrating a deep commitment to fish welfare and sustainable aquaculture practices.

Year of initial investment:
59.4 %


Bio Marine’s aims to create ideal aquaculture conditions aiming to improve animal welfare, accelerate growth and reduce mortality.

Why Bio Marine?

  • A good a stable water environment is key to reduce mortality and optimize growth conditions

  • Bio Marine holds market leading positions in oxygen distribution and circulation systems, water circulation and light management systems

  • Substantial growth opportunities from more closed aquaculture systems and other species than salmon

Bluefront team
Board of Directors:
  • Jon Gausen (Chairperson)
  • Nils Hovden
  • Simen Landmark
  • Kjetil Haga
  • Sondre Storli
Martin Gausen