About us

Impact the future of the blue economy
We aim to create the world's leading seafood investor supporting companies with capital and knowledge to help grow the world's access to sustainable seafood and by doing so create positive impact.

Located in Norway, the seafood technology hub, Bluefront is actively engaged in driving the food transition. We invest in product-, service- and technology companies relevant to scale the aquaculture industry globally.

We specialize in supporting small- and medium sized seafood firms holding market leading positions in rapidly growing niches. By making investments and forging partnerships with the companies' management and founders, we seek to catalyze growth, innovation and impact.

Integral to our approach is a proprietary impact framework, embedding sustainability at the core of our investment process. We firmly believe that financial performance and sustainable development are intrinsically linked elements of a future-proofed business strategy.

Our investor base including institutional investors, family offices, high net worth individuals and industry experts supports our vision to impact the future of the blue economy.

Our investment strategy

We offer our portfolio companies deep sector-specific knowledge, decades of private equity experience and capital to unlock the companies' full potential.

We strategically target growth-oriented companies that are shaping the future of the seafood industry through innovative products, services, and technologies. Our investment focus is on small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) where we can utilize our unique sector specific approach. Central to our investment strategy is the pursuit of collaborative partnerships with the management and founders of the companies we invest in, creating a shared vision for success.

Core strengths of our investment strategy
  • Our sector specific approach position us ahead of the curve and we have clear targets on where to invest in the value chain.

  • We are highly attractive as a co-owner due to our industry knowledge, customer access and network. As a member of the Bluefront family, you will get access to new customers in new regions, new markets, new business models and a network of top seafood executives.

  • We prefer partnership models to align interests between all stakeholders. This model gives current shareholders the opportunity to capitalize on more growth initiatives while realizing parts of their investment.

  • Bluefront has developed its own impact and ESG framework for long-term responsible growth, tailored for small and midcap companies. The ambition with our framework is to secure an easy implementation upon entry and enable each company for a more impact-oriented future.